What is TSZ?

Tech Swap Zone (TSZ) is the a Canadian Incorporated business that mainly work on Buying and Selling of New and Used Entertainment, mobile and Computing Solutions, Repair and Maintenance, Custom Tech Support, and Cloud Computing.


What do we do?

We are currently focused on mainly four different faculties

  1. Buying and Selling of New and Used Entertainment, mobile and Computing solutions like Computers, mobile phones, TV, monitors, video games, and much more.
  2. Web and Application Design and maintenance including Content writing, Graphic Design, and SEO.
  3. Cloud Computing and Custom Tech Support
  4. Repair and Maintenance of any Technology related products including Computers, mobile phones, gaming station, etc.


Where is TSZ Store located?

TSZ store and online office both are   located in the city of Cambridge in Ontario, Canada.  With a near future plan of expanding the branches on many different cities in the country.


Warranty on purchases from TSZ?

TSZ offers 6 months Conditional warranty on all purchases from techswapzone.com and TSZ store except consumables and wearables. For example, batteries, fans, bulbs, etc.)

What is the payment options offered for online orders?


Bank Transfer (e-transfer)






We only write the cheque, or transfer the amount to the name of the TSZ account holder. This cannot be amended.


TSZ Membership Requirements

Trading with TSZ is fast and easy. Our friendly team will make sure needs are taken care in prompt manner. To stablish the link on the products purchased, it is necessary for you to have account with us. It is free to become a member. The membership allows you to sell and swap the products at our store and online. You need to be 19 years old and be able to show a valid photo Id issued by the government agencies.


If you are below the age of 19 year old, we require guardian consent for you to sell and trade goods with us. The Guardian has to agree for the minor is able to sell goods to us from that point forward. After the consent is granted, a miner can sell or trade at our store and online.


Is the product I am buying, new? Or used?

Unless stated on our website all the products sold at our website and store are used.


Return Policy

All our sales are considered final sale. Therefore no returns are accepted.



All the product sold at TSZ comes with 6 months conditional warranty. If the product sold developes a fault through no fault of your own, we will try to repair it or replace the product. In the event that repair and replacement is not possible, we will issue a refund to the original payment method at the original sales value. Proof of purchase is must for all warranty claims . All faults must be verified in order to honor the warranty.